Who We Are

Inventor Center is an inventor-owned company that provides guidance and consulting to other inventors. We provide to other inventors what we wish we had when we started.Inventors helping inventors!

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What We Offer

We provide nuts and bolts advice drawn from real-world experience tailored to fit individual inventor needs. Inventors are poorly served by consultants who dispense theoretical advice drawn from books; anyone can read books. All of our consulting is distilled from real-life experience. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Use Us

We provide tailored one-hour consulting modules – just as much, or as little, assistance as you need to move forward with your product. Some clients wish for lots of assistance and others need very little. We provide what you need when you need it.

How We Work

We sign Non-Disclosures to protect all patent rights. Clients can select from the 6-point Inventor Check up or any of ten other ad hoc consulting modules. Additionally, Basic (3-hour) and Premium (5-hour) “bundles” are available with any combination of topics you need. You decide what best fits your needs and budget.