Can You Guarantee Success?

No, Nor Can Anyone Else. Your success depends upon the decisions you make, the actions you take and the viability of your business. We provide material assistance, not guarantees.

Why the evaluation? Can’t I just buy what I need without a consultation?

No. A successful inventor consulting plan is like a date. Unless both parties see a match, there is no point in proceeding forward. This is to ensure the integrity of the process.

Why is full payment required upon agreement?

We invest an hour or more of evaluation time before you pay us for any modules. Our agreement ensure the client only pays for services rendered and, if they are unhappy, a commensurate refund is provided based upon total hours provided versus what was contracted.

Are you an invention marketing company?

No. Many invention marketing companies promise you success in exchange for substantial payments to them for boilerplate products or services of limited value. We are inventors helping inventors. The information we provide is based upon our actual experiences in the business. We provide you tools to help you better succeed, not empty promises.