How It Works

Initial Contact

Client contacts Inventor Center via email or phone and provides a brief description of their current status and specific help that is requested.


Inventor Center evaluates the client’s needs to determine whether or not we can provide valuable assistance. Our reputation and integrity are built upon providing concrete help to clients. We will not proceed unless we are confident that the value we provide exceeds what our clients pay us. Our review of the initial contact information, whether provided to us via email or phone, is always at no charge to you.

Clients are never charged for evaluation. We only charge after an action plan has been mutually agreed upon between Inventor Center and the client. As appropriate, we refer clients to others for help if we cannot provide assistance.

Action Plan

Next, Inventor Center will schedule a follow up meeting with the client to agree upon an effective action plan. Our client’s budget and other options are taken in to consideration. The action plan is jointly agreed upon by Inventor Center and the client.

Agreement & Payment

Our clients may select any one module to begin or choose a Basic (3-hour) or Premium (5-hour) bundle of modules. A contract agreement is then sent to the client for electronic signature.

See Module Options & Costs

  • Inventor 6-point Check up module:   $200.00
  • Any of 10 different single one-hour modules:  $150.00
  • Basic bundle (3 one-hour modules):  $400.00
  • Premium bundle (5 different one-hour modules): $650.00

Payment is accepted via credit or debit card and is payable in full upon agreement to proceed.


After a module or bundle of modules has been selected, an initial meeting for the first module is scheduled. As appropriate, the client may be asked to prepare items in advance of first meeting.