This module is a high-level evaluation of your product and initial thoughts on whether or how you should proceed forward.

What Does the 6-Point Check Up Cover?

Six points are considered:

  1. Product evaluation – is your product likely to be viable in the marketplace?
  2. Patent strategy – should your product be patented?
  3. Key decision – build and sell it yourself; or license it to a manufacturer
  4. Product cost and pricing – can you price it profitably for the marketplace?
  5. Marketing strategy – retail or wholesale?
  6. Overseas sourcing – should your product be sourced overseas?



Client contacts Inventor Center via email or phone and provides a brief description of their current status and specific help that is requested.

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Paths for Your Product

Explore different paths for your product- should you license your products or develop and market it yourself?


Licensing rights to your product to a manufacturer to distribute and sell your product and pay your royalties is an attractive option. But the manufacturer may have a different vision and plan for your product than you do.

Manufacturing and selling it yourself gives you full control over your product but also burdens you with all the cost and marketing and distribution challenges.

Assessing Viability

Is your product worth patenting? Can it be marketed successfully?


Not every product is patentable or even worth patenting. You should feel confident that your product is truly marketable before you consider the time, effort and expense of patenting it.

Your Patent Search

Learn how to conduct an initial effective free patent search.


We recommend a three-step detailed method of patent searching on that will yield a comprehensive list of potentially similar patents.



Learn about overseas sourcing, packaging, networking and resources in this section.

What is the Next Step?

Sourcing Overseas

How is sourcing overseas handled? What are the keys to successful sourcing?

Marketing Analysis

Who will buy your products and why? How to avoid fatal flaws

Retail 101

Explore price points and packaging. Learn the basics of retail success

Shopping Networks

Is your product right for HSN or QVC? Learn how to determine if these networks are a good fit for your product.


How do you find bona fide resources that can help you? How to spot and avoid scams.



This section is aimed at patenting options and building a business around your product.

Let's Keep Building

Patenting Options

Which patenting options fits your invention- Utility, Provisional, or Design? Do you need to be patented?

Doing it All Yourself

Is “Doing it All Yourself” right for you? Learn more about building a business around your product.